Soul of the Pursuer
Soul of The Pursuer, who seeks the bearer of the sign, will not rest until his target is slain.

Soul of the Last Giant
Soul of the surviving giant, who was bound below the Forest of Giants.

Dragonrider Soul
Soul of a Dragonrider, who faithfully served King Vendrick.

Old Dragonslayer Soul
Soul of an Ancient Knight, who came from a far off land now lost to legend.

Flexile Sentry Soul
Soul of the Flexile Sentry, whose purpose is to punish the Undead.

Ruin Sentinel Soul
Soul of the Ruin Sentinel, a creation of the jailer, it is only an empty soul that haunts the armor.

Soul of the Lost Sinner
Soul of the Lost Sinner, prisoner of Sinner's Rise.

Executioner's Chariot Soul
Soul of the Executioner's Chariot, that holds control over the Undead Purgatory.

Skeleton Lord's Soul
Soul of a Skeleton Lord, who reigned from deep within the Huntsman's Copse.

Covetous Demon Soul
Soul of the Covetous Demon, that devours all things.

Mytha, the Baneful Queen Soul
Soul of Mytha, the Baneful Queen, who lives in the Earthen Peak.

Smelter Demon Soul
Soul of the Smelter Demon, that haunts the castle that sunk into a pool of iron.

Old Iron King Soul
Soul of the Old Iron King, who succumbed to the flames that swallowed his castle.

Royal Rat Vanguard Soul
Soul of the Rat King's vanguard, of the underground realm.

Soul of the Rotten
Soul of the Rotten, who writhes deep within the Gutter.

Scorpioness Najka Soul
Soul of Scorpioness Najka.

Royal Rat Authority Soul
Soul of the Royal Rat Authority, of the underground realm.

Soul of the Duke's Dear Freja
Soul of the Duke's loyal Freja, the Writhing Ruin's Keeper.

Looking Glass Knight Soul
Soul of the Looking Glass Knight, who challenges visitors to the lordless castle.

Demon of Song Soul
Soul of the Demon of Song at the Shrine of Amana.

Soul of Velstadt
Soul of Velstadt, defender of the King inside the Undead Crypt.

Soul of the King

Guardian Dragon Soul
Soul of a dragon that guards the path to the shrine.

Ancient Dragon Soul

Giant Lord Soul
Soul of the Giant Lord who once conquered Drangleic.

Soul of Nashandra

Throne Defender Soul

Throne Watcher Soul

Darklurker Soul

Belfry Gargoyle Soul
Soul of the Gargoyle of the Lost Bastille.

Old Witch Soul

Old King Soul

Old Dead One Soul

Old Paledrake Soul

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