Secrets in Dark Souls II features hidden paths and items that you can only access by careful observation and interaction with the environment. This page lists discoveries and such made by players. You should also visit our New Game Plus and Lore pages for further unlockables and lore theories.

  • Paredes Ilusórias that will reveal a path when "action" is pressed near them (PS3/Xbox: X/A)

  • Lagartos de Cristal are cutesy enemies that will run away and disappear as you come near, but if you manage to kill them will yield precious ore

  • Itens Raros are weapons and armor that are harder to come by and rare enemy drops.

  • Unused Content also exists for this game, including items that once were included but are only accessible in the game files not through normal methods of play.

  • Atalhos are for those who seek speed running or just an easy game, or even to trick your invaders.

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