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Pharros Lockstone is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.

Pharros o vagabundo e a criação das pedras:
Diz a lenda que ele vagava pelas terras, criando engenhocas para ajudar aqueles em necessidade sincera e terrível. O escopo de suas viagens foi tão grande que os Pharros tem sido erroneamente creditados á outras muitas invenções que foram criados por outros.


  • Unlock Pharros' Contraptions in:
    • Forest of Fallen Giants:
    • No-Man's Wharf:
    • Lost Bastille:
      • Opens passage to Belfry Luna, accessed by the Servant's Quarters bonfire in the Lost Bastille, go down a ladder and hit the revealed wall upon placement.
      • One in the room with the twinblade chest, reveals room with a soul vessel, and another room which is already accessible via an elevator.
    • Grave of Saints:
      • Lowers two different bridges in Grave of Saints that lead to the same room. If you put them in the sockets by the rat statues while part of the Rat King Covenant, you will unleash a pool of corrosive acid that lingers indefinitely and breaks down equipment within seconds. It will affect you as well, so don't stand in it. If you put a lockstone in the contraption to your left as soon as you come up the first set of stairs at the beginning, it will turn out all the torches down the hall. Putting a lockstone in the contraption that is on the wall, it will start pouring water everywhere that will put out your torch.
    • Aldia's Keep:
    • Iron Keep:
      • 3 in Iron Keep. 2 spill out water to a small pool and lets player get wet and survive the lava to get the items and chests. The two that add water will also heal slowly over time if the player stands in the water. Third opens Belfry Sol and bonfire.
    • Earthen Peak:
      • In Earthen Peak before first boss, at the very bottom in a room off a poison mist floor - Has Poisonbite Ring
      • Spill out poison to a small pool in Earthen Peak (area near 2nd boss, with a lot's of mushrooms and mimic chest). Becomes water that cures poison and gradually heals after burning the windmill.
    • Shrine of Amana:
      • Just after the second bonfire in Shrine of Amana. on the floor underneath water, near where the ground drops off. Reveals a hidden room with a chest containing Helix Halberd.
    • Dragon Shrine:
      • In the first area of the Dragon Shrine, on the floor under some boxes, behind the first knight. Reveals a hidden wall with the Judgement set and staff.
    • Doors of Pharros:
      • There are several (10-20) doors that can be opened in Doors of Pharros. Most of these lockstones will activate various traps, and unleash more enemies. The doors containing Mastodon Guards require 3 lockstones to fully open and let them out.
      • The door close to the entrance with the first Mastodon Guard also has the Santier's Spear behind it. The underwater middle lockstone will open the passage without letting out the guard.
    • Giant Memories:
      • There are two in one of the Giant Memories (Memory of Orro - located after the pursuer fight). The first shows an illusory wall you can attack to get through. The second, located past this illusory wall, is pointless and activates a trap. The true entrance to the treasure room is a regular illusory wall next to it. This room contains the Steel Armour Set and a Fire Seed.
    • Undead Crypt:
      • Behind an Illusory Wall down the dark hole in the Undead Crypt (right after the two double shield guards). Best to clear the area of the respawning ghosts first. Opens a wall with a chest containing Olenford's Staff and Great Lightning Spear.
    • Frozen Elyum Loyce:
      • ??


  • Starting Item for the Explorer
  • Sold by Merchant Hag Melentia (Only 1)
  • In Majula, once you have access to the Mansion, in a corpse in the Library behind the bookcases.
  • In Majula, found inside the hole in the middle of town. The Silvercat Ring is required to survive the fall.
  • Before opening the last gate before the boss in Sinner's Rise. When facing the gate , in room on your left (last door on the left)
  • Huntsman's Copse, if you drop down from wooden bridge to isolated pillar. Or alternatively, jump from the top of the tower above the Bridge Approach bonfire.
  • In the middle section of Earthen Peak, there's one outside if you pay Laddersmith Gilligan 2000 souls for a ladder to reach it.
  • In a crossbow-trapped chest around middle of Earthen Peak
  • small rats in doors of Pharros
  • Near the beginning of the Shaded Woods on a hill
  • In the Shaded Ruins, on a corpse on the second story of a ruined building behind the Great Basilisk.
  • Black Gulch, Hidden Room Bonfire, a corpse in a pot
  • Aldia's Keep: Behind one of the wooden shelves in the room filled with bright green glass containers. The room before the hidden bonfire.
  • Dragons Aerie, between the second and the third guardian dragon, drop down the ledge, a corpse holds the stone
  • The Rotten: Cutting off one of its arms. (Both arms can be cut off)
  • Drangleic Castle: after the first bonfire, in the room to the right, in the second left sentinel closet
  • (Farmable) small rats inside of "Royal Rat Authority" boss in the doors of Pharros. Kill the small rats and then either die or use a homeward bone / feather to port back to the bonfire to reset the fight. upon resetting the fight, the small rats re spawn
  • All lockstone's locations


  • Joining the Rat King Covenant and killing intruders, or being summoned as a grey phantom as an intruder to the Rat King Covenant and beating the host grants you one lockstone or running to the bonfire before the host kills you also gets you one.

  • Doors unlocked by lockstones reset upon entering NG+
  • Pharros' Lockstone contraptions do not seem to be reset by using a Bonfire Ascetic. However, some chests will be reset with whatever item they previously contained. In other words, the loot respawns, but you do not need another Lockstone to access it. Bear in mind that this does not happen for all chests located behind Pharros' Lockstone walls. Only wooden chests and mimics are respawned by Bonfire Ascetics. Metal chests require an actual NG+ activation to respawn.
  • Some Pharros' Lockstone contraptions, particularly those located at Grave of Saint can only be reset by using a Bonfire Ascetic at Majula bonfire.

  • Using a Pharros' Lockstone while being summoned may consume the lockstone and render the contraption unusable. Seems to only happen to contraptions that have animations, like the doors in Doors of Pharros or the bridges in the Grave of Giants.