"Cinzas de ossos carbonizados.
Jogue-as em no Fogo Distande em Majula para aumentar os PV restaurados a cada uso do seu frasco.
Dizem que estes sãos os restos de uma pessoa santa que se atirou na fogueira. Mas jamais teremos certeza, já que fuligem e cinzas não contam histórias"
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  • If you burn at the Majula bonfire you gain more health from your Estus flasks. (Estus Flask +x amount)
  • Your Estus flasks can be boosted to a max of +5 (cannot buff after +5). Further Sublime Bone Dusts are useless, attempting to burn results in the message, "Cannot burn further items."


  • Drop from Old Knights (Hammer) at Heide's Tower of Flame (Drops 100%, Doesn't respawn). However, after you've defeated the dragonrider boss you Can use a bonfire ascetic and the old knight will appear again but now you will also have to defeat the dragonrider boss before being able to repeat the process. Multiple players have managed to miss this drop (possibly by running past without picking it up). If this is the case using an ascetic will make it appear, without having to defeat the dragonrider. (Strengthening caps at +5 no matter how many you have, if you want a better Flask on your first run through you could use the Bonfire Ascetic however every upgrade can be found before NG+)
  • Huntsman's Copse, on a ledge right before the Executioner's Chariot boss
  • Black Gulch in a chest found after killing The Rotten
  • Iron Keep, in a chest found after killing Old Iron King
  • Sinner's Rise, after taking the elevator down from the bonfire the dust is located in the first alcove on the left in the water area behind a single scorpion undead thing.
  • Video location

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