Majula is a coastal town which will serve as the world hub and homebase of the player, similar to the Nexus of Demon's Souls and Firelink Shrine of Dark Souls.

NPCs in the area

Emerald Herald
  1. This NPC gives the player an Estus Flask and allows them to get more via Estus Flask Shards.
  2. This NPC allows the player to spend souls to level up.

Crestfallen Saulden
  1. This NPC allows the player to join the covenant Way of the Blue and gives the player several hints.

Blacksmith Lenigrast
  1. This NPC acts as a standard blacksmith, allowing the player access to upgrades after unlocking his house with the Lenigrast's Key gotten from Merchant Hag Melentia.

Sweet Shalquoir
  1. This NPC allows the player to abandon Covenants.
  2. This NPC acts as a merchant, selling various rings and usable items.

Merchant Hag Melentia
  1. This NPC joins Majula after exhausting her talk dialouge.
  2. This NPC acts as a standard merchant, selling weapons, armour, usable items, and spells.

Maughlin the Armourer
  1. This NPC acts as a merchant, selling armour.
  2. Will gain more wares as you spend souls with him.
  3. Might be a good idea to use bonfire ascetics in Majula to make it NG++ difficulty, so the player can buy the Moon Butterfly Set from Maughlin

Carhillion of the Fold
  1. This NPC joins Majula after the player meets him in No-Man's Wharf .
  2. This NPC sells Sorceries and will upgrade your Pyromancy Flame.
  3. Next to the large tree to the right of Lenigrast house.

Rosabeth of Melfia
  1. This NPC joins Majula after the player saves her using a Fragrant Branch of Yore.
  2. This NPC sells Pyromancies and will upgrade your Pyromancy Flame.

Cale the Cartographer
  1. Cale is found in the Forest of Fallen Giants hiding in a cave and will move to Majula Mansion after exhausting his dialogue there.
  2. Cale gives the player the House Key to open the Majula Mansion (see details below) so the player can enter as well. He can be found near a large map on the floor in the back and will mostly talk about the map

Stone Trader Chloanne
  1. Chloanne is found almost immediately upon entering Harvest Valley. Exhausting her dialogue will prompt her to move to Majula, outside Lenigrast's workshop where the two of them will then discuss the fact that they know each other already
  2. Chloanne sells a variety of items, most notable ores and upgrade materials.

Laddersmith Gilligan
  1. Gilligan is found on a ledge near the windmill in Earthen Peak (you must break some guard rails and walk carefully along the ledge. He will move to Majula after defeating the Earthen Peak boss
  2. Gilligan will offer to rent some of his ladders to use in the pit in Majula (so you don't need the Silvercat Ring to access Grave of Saints and The Gutter, although the ladders don't reach all the treasures). After purchasing the most expensive ladder he offers, he will give you his Melu Scimitar which unlocks a trophy/achievement

Licia of Lindelt
  1. Licia is found upstairs past the Dragonrider boss in Heide's Tower of Flame. She moves to the contraption located between Majula and Heide's Tower of Flame after exhausting her dialogue.
  2. Licia sells Miracles, a chime and a Ring of Prayer.



  • Skeleton: Under the mansion (which is opened by the key from the cartographer) one skeleton per Majula-Bonfire-intensity awaits the player. They drop 700 souls and do not respawn upon death. Drops Human Effigy.
  • Undead Devourer (pigs) (x3): in the grass alongside building behind the well.


*NOTE: You are advised to never ever kill any NPC. All the items are obtainable without killing. All the quests that involve killing can be done without killing. Killing NPC usually just screws up your game and gives you sin.

If you are coming into Majula down the path from Things Betwixt, taking a left after the stones end and going up the hill takes you to a cave whose tunnel leads you to a room of archways. Going into the last open archway brings you down a leaf littered path where you encounter an NPC sitting by a column, holding a blueish greatsword. This character is named Benhart. Killing him nets 2000 souls and he drops the Bluemoon Greatsword. Ahead of him is a structure with a doorway whose lever's use is blocked by a statue. Before entering the structure, to the left of the stairway is a corpse with Lifegem x3 and Homeward Bone x3. Inside the structure you come into a round and open room, with a doorway straight ahead and one cell each to the left and right. The lever to operate the doorway is blocked by a statue that appears to be a petrified woman. Upon examining, you are told that a statue blocks your way. From the cell to the left, a festering hollow with a bloated stomach paces back and forth and will burst through the gate after some time. It wields a poisonous axe like weapon made of bones. In its cell is a corpse with Lloyd's Talisman x3. The other cell holds an unarmed festering hollow who uses fists to attack. After obtaining a Fragrant Branch of Yore, the statue ( Rosabeth of Melfia) can be un-petrified which allows access to the pull mechanism. Rosabeth will ask for clothes which can be donated to her using her menu (items given are lost forever). Giving her an outfit will prompt her to move to the main area of Majula (base of the steps near Saulden who we haven't met yet) where she will proudly display the results of you playing Dark Souls NPC dress up. Giving her clothes also gives you a trophy/achievement. Rosabeth is a pyromancy trainer and can upgrade pyro gloves as well as selling some useful items. The now accessible door she prevented you from opening leads to the Shaded Woods. If you don't have a Fragrant Branch of Yore at the moment (and you don't since we're assuming this is your first time here), retrace your steps on the path by Benhart and return to the initial cave entrance. Down the hill, if you hug the wall to the left, is a corpse in front of a tree with a Divine Blessing x1.

You enter Majula down a path lined with stones on either side. Continue down the path to the large archway and you come into the town portion of Majula. Straight ahead is a bonfire and the Emerald Herald stands next to a tree. Alternatively, along the cliff leading down to the town, is a ledge that can be dropped down to, followed by another short fall. The drop location is shortly before a broken stone archway. A corpse carrying a Morning Star and Cleric's Sacred Chime will be behind the player character after a second jump. Continuing along the path leads to another corpse where the Binoculars can be found. The path leads back near the Majula bonfire. After talking to the Emerald Herald, she moves to the bonfire and she will provide leveling and estus flask upgrade services. Behind that is a statue where Crestfallen Saulden sits and to the left are several houses. Blacksmith Lenigrast sits outside his workshop, unable to get in without Lenigrast's Key which can be purchased later when you encounter the merchant Melentia, another house is home to the cat Sweet Shalquoir who sells items and provides info on covenants, another mansion is locked for the time being and another house is home to Maughlin the Armourer who sells armour and related items. The merchant Melentia moves to Majula after meeting her in the Forest of Fallen Giants and sits down along the wall near the bonfire. Later on Majula will become populated by other NPCs as you encounter them. After encountering her in Heide's Tower of Flame, Licia of Lindeldt moves below the town, near the contraption that does not move on your first inspection. She can open a path to the Huntsman's Copse for 2000 souls.

Killing the Emerald Herald nets 0 souls. She drops an Aged Feather and this likely screws up your game just a little, considering that she is the only way to level up and reinforce your estus flask.

In Maughlin's house, if you go up the ladder there is a chest with Titanite Shard x1. Killing Maughlin gives you 900 souls and he drops his armor the Tseldora Set.

In the corner by the house, is a mud patch where 3 Undead Devourers (the pigs) can be found. They are immediately hostile when approached and have a chance to drop Cracked Red Eye Orbs. These small pigs are surprisingly strong for their size and new characters might have hard time fighting them.

In front of the locked mansion is a well. Hitting the rock makes it drop into the well, raising a corpse with an Estus Flask Shard x1. It's advised to get this shard as soon as possible. After talking with Cale the Cartographer in the Forest of Fallen Giants, he will provide you with a key to the Mansion in Majula. Entering the mansion there are paths straight back and to the right. Heading straight back leads to a small library where a Pharros' Lockstone can be found. Heading to the right leads around the mansion and to another split. The player can choose to go upstairs or further back into the mansion. Heading up the stairs leads to a small second floor room and a balcony like area outside. Inside the room is a chest containing Titanite shard x3 and Torch x3. Heading back downstairs and toward the back of the mansion, the player enters a large chamber with what appears to be a map carved into the floor. A single small flame appears on the map at this time. A short staircase leads to another chamber where a single skeleton awaits. The skeleton does not revive and drops a Human Effigy when killed. A smaller chamber inside this area has a chest that contains a Murakumo. There is a skeleton corpse with an Estus Flask Shard in front of the door with the chest.

Right outside Shalquoir's house, there is a corpse with a Lifegem x1. Attacking Shalquoir leads to her taunting you. She cannot be hurt and will not aggro. She will interact normally after being attacked. Buying the Silvercat Ring from Shalquoir (13,400 souls), allows you to drop to the first board walkway in the pit without dying, as long as your VGR is 5 (768 HP). However, you must be wearing only the Silvercat Ring, have 0.5% equip burden, and not have any forward momentum while dropping ( Video Proof). It will still cause MAJOR damage. Reducing equipment weight seems to reduce damage taken too. Using the Fall Control sorcery also works, and you take no damage. This is a straightforward area where falling to the next set of boards is the only viable option in most cases. Note that small beams can be landed on but they will break, likely meaning you will die. The first set of boards has a corpse with a Radiant Lifegem. The second has a corpse with a Pharros' Lockstone. The third has Poison Moss x3. At this point you can jump to a small ledge with torches that leads directly to the Grave of Saints area or continue down to another ledge with a ladder. The ladder leads to a locked door leading to The Gutter. More jumping from board to board will lead to a corpse with a Ring of the Evil Eye +1 and another ledge lined with torches. This marks the bottom of the pit that can be explored and leads to a tunnel. A crystal lizard will run off a bridge with a gap in the middle so be fast. There are no enemies to thwart you here. Jumping across the gap leads to a chest with the Ash Knuckle Ring. A corpse with treasure is visible to the left but is inaccessible for now (it carries the Disc Chime, see area information for Grave of Saints for instructions on getting this). The pit below you can be jumped into but with extreme caution. There is water that will slow your movement so attempt to gain land as soon as you can. A group of exploding Small Mummies will rush you. They have low health but try to trigger an Area of Effect explosion when nearby. Unlike the ones in the Lost Bastille, these mummies die upon exploding. There are two tunnels from which the Mummies came from. One has water covering the floor while the other does not. The watery path leads to a skeleton who holds Great Heal. The other leads to scaffolding. Be careful here as once you go down the first ladder, you cannot go back up it (due to it being incomplete). Looking toward the ladder you fell down, move left to a series of two ladders. A corpse with a Human Effigy waits for you there. Climb back up and move to the right which begins a series of ladders down. Look for another corpse holding a Radiant Lifegem near the bottom. Once you use the last ladder, there is no way back up again. A chest at the base holds a Token of Spite. Following the tunnel out leads to The Gutter.

Along a rock by Lenigrast's workshop is a corpse with Soul of a Nameless Soldier x1 and Lifegem x3. After purchasing Lenigrast's Key from Melentia in the Forest of Fallen Giants, you can open the door to Lenigrast's workshop. Inside, there is a chest that contains a Short Bow. This also allows Lenigrast inside where his tools are. Lenigrast will now upgrade and repair equipment as well as become available as a merchant. Killing Lenigrast yields 1350 souls. He drops the Blacksmith's Hammer (which is not crap like the first game).

Going up the stairs to the statue you encounter Crestfallen Saulden who gives you information about the world and some backstory. He warns you of invaders and invites you to join the Way of Blue covenant to receive help from the Blue Sentinels. He will also teach you the gesture “Welcome” and gives you light directions on how to get to the Forest of Fallen Giants and Heide's Tower of Flame and points out other elements of Majula's geography, such as the pit in the middle of the town which is not accessible at the start (he suggests a ladder will be needed). He also briefly explains the bonfire, messages, and summon signs. Killing Saulden yields 800 souls. He drops the Ring of Steel Protection. He will also give you the ring when you talk to him after having died 100 times..

Go past Shalquoir's house and up the cliff on the right, where you will approach a large stone. A corpse to the left has Homeward Bone x5. Standing in front of the Victor's Stone stone prompts you to kneel and you can enter the covenant Company of Champions, and offer awestones to increase covenant rank. New players are adviced not to join this covenant, because joining it will make every enemy in the game stronger. It also disables cooperative play.

Entrance to Heide's Tower of Flame

To the left of the cliff where the Victor's Stone is, there is a large stone archway, with a staircase going down a tunnel. Coming to a circular room, there is a pillar in the center with a symbol on it. Examining it mentions that the the contraption does not move. Licia of Lindeldt is able to later open a path to Huntsman's Copse after encountering her in Heide's Tower of Flame. Going to the right down the hallways to a spiral staircase, on the left there is a chest with Crimson Parma x1 and continuing down the stairs takes you to a room with a large door. Upon entering the room and staying to the ledge on the left, at the end is a pull chain which opens the door. Going through the door leads to a waterway, and up the stairs is another pull chain to open the door should you wish to go back and further on a corpse with Soul of a Lost Undead and Broken Thief Sword. Going down the hallway takes you to the entrance of Heide's Tower of Flame.

Entrance to Forest of Fallen Giants

Starting at the bonfire, looking out over the ocean at the cove with all of the spiky rocks sticking up, look to your right along the coast. ~10 strides away you'll see a crumbling wall; on the sea side of the wall is a torch sconce marking an entrance that leads down to an underground stone rampway. To the right of the main path in, is an iron chest with a Rusted Coin x1. Proceeding down the hallway, there is a dead end to the right and to the left a large gated door. Pulling the lever to the right opens the gate. The path opens up to a cave with a wooden bridge that spans a stream. Once past the bridge going to the right leads to the Forest of Fallen Giants and to the left there are two long planks to a large stone with a chest that contains Human Effigy x1. Beyond in the stream is a corpse with a Homeward Bone and Soul of a Lost Undead.

Video Walkthroughs

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