"Efígie quente, macia e de aspecto sombrio.
Use este item para reverter o status Vazio.
Além disso, ele impede invasões por um breve período de tempo se usando em uma fogueira.

Observe uma efígie atentamente e começará a ver uma forma humana, ainda que sua semelhança dependa de quem está olhando."
Icon-Human Effigy.png

Restorative item. Reverses hollowing.
  • Removes any penalties to the player's health bar due to deaths while hollow.
  • User is turned human.
  • Can be burned at the bonfire to disable all direct multiplayer interactions (no summoning/invading) for the next hour.
  • Required to open the portals of the Pilgrims of Dark covenant.

  • Can be obtained as a starting gift.
  • One can be found in a chest upstairs in the Seer's Hut.
  • Dropped by some NPC's when killed.
  • Found in various locations around the world.
  • Can be obtain from exhausting Lucatiel of Mirrah's dialogue.
  • Sold by Merchant Hag Melentia in Cardinal Tower later in The Forest Of Fallen Giants (5 only, 1500 each).
  • Sold by Grave Warden Agdayne in Undead Crypt (13 only, 3000 souls each).
  • Sold by Magerold Of Lanafir in Iron Keep (1 only).
  • Sold by some NPC's.
  • Dropped by Hollow Infantry (NOTE: Very Low Chance With Gold Serpent Ring +1)
  • Dropped by Attack Dogs (3%). NOTE: Lost Bastille has 8 dogs, so it is a good place to farm them. There are some other dogs in No-man's Wharf too.
  • Dropped by Lizardmen (5%) in the Shrine of Amana area. A good farming area is right outside of the "Rhoy's Resting Place" bonfire. There are 7 of them and also 3 Amana Shrine Maidens which drop Twinkling Titanite(though the guide says it is not a drop).
  • Dropped by Skeletons (2% [but not in undead purgatory])
  • Go back and talk to one of the old fire keepers, instead of reallocating points, talk to her and she will give you x6
  • Can be obtained by killing 2 of the old fire keepers after character creation. Milibeth drops x3 and the witch you can talk with to reallocate soul levels (using a Soul Vessel), drops x6 she will give you these 6 if you talk to her instead. The others drop nothing. This is not recommended however since killing any of the old fire keepers will take away the ability to reallocate your skill points.
  • Dropped by Old Ironclad Soldiers in Forest of Fallen Giants (1%)
  • Dropped by Spider Corpses. (People Spiders)
  • Dropped by Underwater Dwellers in Shrine of Amana.
  • Can be found on the molten rock near the first bonfire in iron keep
  • At Brightstone Cove Tseldora where the peasants are, there is a well you can jump into from a high ledge. This leads to a chest with x5
  • In Belfry Sol , you need to pull the level to open the steel grated door that is located by crossing the large roof, enter the fog gate and proceed all the way down the stairs. When you get to the bottom of them, turn around to find a corpse with a glowing item which includes an Effigy.
Farming Effigies
The following locations provide the quickest ways to obtain large quantities of Human Effigies
  • Burning a Bonfire Ascetic in Majula allows you to slay the skeletons below the mansion, each of which have a 100% chance of dropping a human effigy. The amount of skeletons is equal to the bonfire intensity
  • Burning a Bonfire Ascetic at the first Bonfire in Forest of the Giants allows you to re-open the chest in the cave located at the start of the forest, collecting 5 human effigies.
  • Undead Crypt 2nd Bonfire. The infinite amount of hollows that sprawl up from the ground have a low chance to drop Effigy. Using an Old Copper Coin and item discovery gear can allow you to collect 1 effigy a minute, on average.

Negating t he Loss of Humanity
If you wish to bypass the penalty of losing Human Effigies you can simply equip the Ring of Life Protection or the Ring of Soul Protection. By doing so you can now die and keep all of your souls and your state of Humanity without using a Human Effigy. You can then repair the ring at the blacksmith of your choice for 3000 or 6000 souls.

Becoming human without Human Effigy

In the Shrine of Amana, there is an altar you can pray to and you can become human. After you defeat the boss, proceed to the right and follow this path. Take another r ight and you'll come to a staircase leading to a door. It only becomes unlocked if you're hollow. Follow this path and you will come across the alter. To become human, a few things are required. You must have talked to the Milfanito (the woman before boss) so she disappears. You must also not have killed any of the other singing women in the Shrine of Amana. Also, you must not have a high Sin level and have no Human Effigies in your inventory or your item box.

Another way to become human without the Human Effigy is to assist other players in their worlds by being summoned as a Phantom. (You will need be summoned 2-3 times before becoming human) (only seems to work with the normal White Sign Soapstone, not the Small White Sign Soapstone Small White Sign Soapstone seems to have a very small chance to revive you.) (This may be false, I've been turned human on the first try, with the heirs of the Sun covenant soapstone. Making it gold not white.) (Small Sign Soapstone revived me 100 of 100 fulfilled summons)

Also seems to occur after killing owner of world after being summoned with dragon eye.

Videos (Links only, no embeds please):

Best Methods to Farm Human Effigy in Dark Souls 2
Become human easily: http://youtu.be/isg6Kl5wJO4
Farming Human Effigies (and Twinkling Titanite) in Shrine of Amana: http://youtu.be/m0Bfzd5jXzE
Farming MORE Human Effigies (listed in how to farm, just a video explaining it better): http://youtu.be/ZOkn8bA47t8

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